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November 2008

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The power of dreaming

So, I wake up at midnight from a dream that should have been frantic.  I should have been gasping and grateful for the "real" world to take over, but I was calm...very strange.

We were vacationing somewhere with the gang, someone the gang knew having a slew of people over for a week or so and we're cleaning up, getting ready to go home.  I poured water into this apparatus by the sink - in dream-think it looked like a sink to me.  As soon as the water hit it, though, it started slumping towards the floor and I'm thinking, "Damn it, that's not a sink at all, even if it is sinking."  (I love dream-think, the stuff makes so much sense when you're in the throes and once you wake up, makes none at all.)

So, I start cleaning up the horrendous mess I've made and in the process of cleaning, muck up something else, now I have a bunch of dirty towels.  So, I take those out to clean them and while I'm doing that, knock over something else.  Every task I undertake, creates another bit of chaos.  And now I'm dream-thinking that the gang's gonna be done with their part soon and they're gonna come in and see the disaster I've created.  So, I start cleaning faster and creating more chaos.  But, and here's where it gets weird, I'm not frantic about it.  I'm almost chuckling over how silly it is that everything I clean, causes something else to get messy.  I finally clean the last mess (with a handful of really expensive face cloths) and just manage to get those tossed away when the gang comes in and everything looks good.  I wake up in wonder that I didn't flip out and I'm not frantic and panting.

Interesting sensation - this feeling capable to handle crises - one at a time - even if every single one leads to another one, I'm still just working through it the best I can and the best I can is just good enough. 



Nice! Maybe you also know that your gang loves you unconditionally, even if you were to, say, break a glass jar of corn syrup under the fridge in ant season.

The sink thing was very funny. I love weird dreams.
and that's why i love them so :)